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Kate has been working as a specialist physiotherapist in pelvic health in Merseyside and London for 20 years.

She is currently physiotherapy manager and clinical lead at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital and also runs her own private physiotherapy service on Wirral and Liverpool and London.

She has extensive experience in a wide spectrum of conditions within the field of pelvic health including incontinence (bladder and bowel), constipation, pelvic pain conditions, prolapse, postnatal rehabilitation including perineal trauma, sexual dysfunction (painful sex/vaginissimus) , vulvodynia .


Kate practises a holistic approach to managing pelvic health, creating a package of care that combines specific treatment techniques/modalities specifically tailored to the individual, their lifestyle, expectations and so on, using what’s known as the the biopsychosocial model.

Kate works as an eternal lecturer on the undergraduate physiotherapy course at the University of Liverpool and on the post graduate masters course in continence physiotherapy at The University of Bradford. She is also a POGP tutor in lower bowel dysfunction and advanced assessment and management of pelvic pain, teaching on the national workshops run by this professional body.

The Mummy MOT was designed to train pelvic physiotherapists to deliver a comprehensive post natal assessment combining both external assessment of the abdominals/ lumbopelvic hip complex with internal assessment of the pelvic floor.


Kate teaches on this course and supplementary courses educating
clinicians to help gain competence in internal assessment of pelvic floor and ano-rectal examination.

An active involvement in education at all levels within the speciality ensures Kate’s clinical practice is both up to date and evidence based.

On a personal level Kate is a busy mum of three, and recognises the demands placed on women and men today; and how this can lead to many ignoring their symptoms and avoid seeking the right help at the appropriate time. This is too often fuelled by the existence of a real social taboo that resonates around the subject of pelvic health.


She offers a discreet and sensitive service where confidentiality is respected at all times enabling you to talk about your symptoms and take the first steps to recovery and regaining a sense of control.

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